Can a Design firm really help you reduce costs or become more profitable?

This is a question that prospective clients often raise and a fair one.  The answer is - absolutely.  In this article, we’ll go over a few ways workplace design can reduce costs and increase profitability. We hope this provides you some valuable insight.

Real estate is already expensive and it isn’t getting any less expensive anytime soon.  So, you want an office space that FITS your needs.  How do you plan properly so you don’t get stuck holding a large chunk of space you never end up using or outgrowing your space 12 months after you move in?  It all starts with the DNA of your business.  How did you get started?  How long did it take you to reach your current level of growth?  What is the rate of growth since you started?  What is your rate of growth over the last 12 months, 9 months and 6 months?  What are your aspirations for the future of the business?  What is your mission?  An expert workplace design team will be able to immerse themselves in the answers to questions like this and put themselves in your shoes.  This will allow them to help you create a space that FITS the needs of your organization.  Not more.  Not less.


When workplace design is done right, you should be presented with ways to eliminate inefficiencies.  Implementing activity based working that reduces the need for large individual spaces and gives people choices that suit their work style and activity.  Creating multi-use areas such as a reception area that doubles as a café or place to have informal meetings.  Finding a building that offers tenant amenities you desire that don’t have to be built into your space.  Creating community spaces that larger numbers of people can work and collaborate.  These are just a few examples of ways to eliminate costly inefficiencies.


When it comes to increasing profitability, recruiting and retaining the right people is extremely critical.  Too many businesses are losing out on talent because their space is outdated.  This can even manifest in spaces that are considered high-end.  In a recent conversation with a very talented young professional, we learned that the space of her current employer is outstanding aesthetically, the functionality is outdated.  As a result, people find it frustrating to be productive and talented people are searching for better environments.  Creating a people-centric workplace that connects with it’s occupants on an emotional level, makes them proud to work in it and eager to show it off, becomes a powerful recruitment tool.

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