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How do you adapt remote work into a productive, healthy, and enjoyable experience?

Many people used to dream about working remotely every day. However, in the past few weeks, more individuals are starting to realize how much they miss the simple human interaction they have at the office with their friends and co-workers. In theory, working from home seems very easy. You are in a comfortable environment, surrounded by your family, loved ones and pets without the need to commute to and from your job! You should be living a traffic and worry-free life, right? Well, it’s not as simple as we wished. Working from the sweet comfort of your home comes with many distractions, and the challenge of switching your work routine without prior preparation has now become abundantly clear. Now we must ask, “How do you adapt remote work into a productive, healthy, and enjoyable experience"?

Organizations across the world are now facing the harsh reality of dealing with COVID-19 isolation and operating 100% remotely for the first time. In line with our progressive philosophy, Formcraft put together a few examples of how our team continues to operate efficiently and keep our team spirits high because the health, happiness, and safety of our employees, friends, and families are our number one priority!

1. Communication

Over the years, we've found that an online company chat is a beneficial tool to keep interactions going in a traditional office. Since social interaction is no longer an option, our online chat has become an essential part of our team’s communication process. Digital project management tools like Asana is another great way to keep the entire team organized and engaged.

2. Keep it Professional-Casual

Since most of our communication with clients and co-workers happens over video chat, it's important for us to make sure all our employees are staying true to a business-casual dress code - the top half, at least! All of us must find a balance to keep ourselves productive while working from home. Your professional physical appearance plays a massive role in keeping your work routine alive.

3. Designated Workspace

Most of us might not have a designated workspace at home that can mirror our usual workplace offices, cubicles, and personal desks. However, this is a perfect time to get creative. Aim to create a space for your home workspace that allows you to be comfortable and focused. While a couch and a marvelous view of your flat-screen TV might be picturesque, it is realistically going to get in the way of your productivity especially when you are in a several month isolation period with reduced physical activity. Our best advice - set your work desk far away from distractions and make sure your body posture stays healthy after quarantine is over, and we are all back to the real world.

4. Socialize

Do you miss gossiping with your friends at lunch or having a drink during happy hours after work? If so, Facetime, video chats, and virtual happy hours are just a few examples of how you can keep your social life alive. Support and be kind to each other all the way through because our mental health will collectively be stronger if we try to get through these difficult times together.

As a bonus, we decided to ask a few members of the Formcraft team, "What helps them to stay productive while working from home?" Here is what we got:

"My superhero wife keeping my 18-month-old son distracted for most of the day, has been key to staying productive. I still love the occasional visit from him in the temporary office, though!"

David Barbalace​

Technical Manager, LEED AP, BD+C

"I find that getting up before the kids, making a coffee, and heading for the backseat of the car is a very productive time for me. Even when they wake up, it's as if you have left the house for work as normal."

Philip Lock​


I stay productive at home because I can take a 5-minute break and see my family and interact with them and also see what they are doing during this crazy time of our lives.
I also can enjoy some time with my dog when he comes out to my office looking for some pets. The other thing I enjoy is my morning Sanity Check. These are a couple of things that keep me motivated while working at home.

Matt Reed​

Project Manager

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