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Five Areas Supercharging Our Design Team

Formcraft’s interior designers are loving our new Center City Design Studio. Here are a few things that are making their jobs more efficient, productive, and fun!

Picnic Area

The picnic area features a massive wooden table that enables designers to spread out their many drawings on a vast surface. This has helped their organization tremendously and offers them a flexible work option outside of their work station.

It’s casual, it’s functional, it’s flexible, and it has a really good vibe” - Donna McDaniel.


Formcraft’s impressive boardroom features rich textures and beautiful finishes. In addition to hosting board meetings, events, and departmental discussions, the designers have utilized the board rooms to have their own meetings and to host “Lunch and Learns” with their design partners.

The boardroom fosters collaboration and teamwork which is essential to how we work” - Amanda Blecher.

Flexible Working Options

The new office features a number of flexible work options that allow the designers to change their work environment depending on the project at hand.

The open office area is perfect for coordination between departments such as when the designers need to coordinate with the construction team to ensure that a project is being handled on time.

When the designers need to have a more intimate meeting, have a video conference call, or simply get work done in an isolated setting, they are able to turn to the exquisitely designed huddle rooms. These flexible options ensure that there is always a space for them to be productive.

These two areas are the most important to what I do as a designer” - Daniella Pifano.

Design Booth

The design booth is a semi-private seating area near our design center where the design team can review drawings, cross-reference each other’s work, have small informal meetings, or just chill out and enjoy lunch!

Design Library

The showcase piece of Formcraft’s new office is the massive design library featuring all of the design finishes and samples. It is a bright, welcoming space that encourages creativity and ensures that the team is organized when working through a project.

This is a favorite of the designers. It’s bright, it’s got tons of storage, it’s organized, and my favorite part is the big white table in the middle - Courtney Page

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