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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

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Amerisan is an innovative food processing sanitations solutions company that promotes knowledge and expertise of quality assurance associated within the food processing profession. Their mission is to assist major food distributors in bringing safe and quality food to consumers.

The project was carried out in their new 9,500 square foot workspace, for around 30 employees. The challenge was giving them a workplace that would reflect and reinforce their values of safe and quality food not only in form, but function. To do so, they wanted a more central location that had an open workspace to encourage collaboration across departments and maximize efficiency.

Utilizing a bright reception area, the office opens up into an open work area in tune with industry trends. A combination of glass and white walls illuminates the office and puts off an aura of cleanliness, as does their brand. Many new features such as modern bench style workstations, collaborative areas, designated focus areas, private offices and the lauded huddle room bring new energy to Amerisan’s office.

The Amerisan project illustrated a very prominent point in the workplace design industry. While the physical appearance can be very appealing, it is important to reflect a company’s brand and culture through the phenotype of their office. Amerisan is based around the idea of sanitization and cleanliness in the food processing industry. They deliver and distribute products anywhere from Jan-San (a fancy term for janitor-sanitization), to food packing and shipping supplies. Their brand name is literally based on sanitation. With that in mind, a picture of what an office in that business looks like begins to form.

Imagine if you were to walk into an office building that specializes in Amerisan’s industry, but was laden with a design that boasted shrubbery and reclaimed galvanized steel for an overall rustic look. You may appreciate the aesthetic but question how seriously they take food safety. On the other side of such a dilemma you have a clean, sterile, and professional atmosphere that lets clients see what kind of company they are dealing with from the moment they step foot in the office.

A workplace design sends a message to clients and prospective partners, but also to current employees. Studies have shown[1] there is a link between mental health and general wellbeing and workplace design. Due to the sheer amount of time spent in them, workspaces tend to affect us a great deal. Ensuring that your office is ideal for your employees is parallel to maximizing their potential.

Source: [1] Veitch, Jennifer.

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