1 Chelsea Parkway, Suite 101-102, Boothwyn, PA 19061

“If I were going to conjure up an image of what the brand was about, it would be pretty much what we have here.” 

– Digital Marketing Manager

SPACE: 9,500 square feet

Amerisan’s brand is built on their clean, safe, and quality food processing equipment. They needed a workspace that showed this.

INDUSTRY: Food Safety & Sanitation


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Amerisan is an innovative food processing sanitations company that embodies industry expertise and quality assurance within the food processing profession. Their mission is to assist major food distributors in bringing safe and quality food to consumers.


Amerisan wanted a workplace design that would reflect and reinforce their values of safe and quality food. In addition, they wanted to relocate to a more central location that would bring out their culture and attract new talent. Lastly, Amerisan wanted an open workspace that would encourage collaboration across departments and maximize efficiency.


Formcraft’s design challenge for this project was to find a new space in a tight timeline that simultaneously achieved the aesthetic standards of Amerisan’s brand, as well as provided a functional and productivity based workspace. The aesthetics were important to Amerisan in order to attract prospective clients or future employees, as well as provide a workplace design for current employees that could boost office morale.


Utilizing a bright reception area, the office opens up into an open work area in tune with industry trends. A combination of glass and white walls illuminates the office and puts off an aura of cleanliness, as does their brand. Tying in Amerisan’s company color was important to make the office more personal. Pairing this with a subtle green seat on each chair connected the space and made it their own. Many new features such as modern bench style workstations, collaborative areas, designated focus areas, private offices and the lauded huddle room bring new energy to Amerisan’s office.


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